Developers’ mistakes and tips to avoid them

Frustrated Developer looking at his laptop
Frustrated Developer looking at his laptop

To err is human, but sometimes the smallest error can turn out to be the costliest ones. Similarly, in our development process, some mistakes can be catastrophic but these can be avoided with observations and some cool tricks. And as a wise man had said,

“We should not feel bad about the mistakes if we are learning from them.”

So, here we are going to talk about some of the mistakes a developer tends to do with the tips to avoid them.

Naturally, you are eager to write codes and so some of you start writing it in your IDE/Editor…

Hey flocks, today we will be nurturing git.

  • What is git?

git is a VCS (i.e. version control system) to maintain project source codes in an awesome manner.

  • What is the feature of git?
  1. we can go back to the previous version of the code.
  2. multiple members from the same project can easily share and save their codebase easily.
  3. we can retrieve our code from anywhere anytime.
  4. project with multiple team member can easily sync their code.
  5. git is a distributed architecture.
  6. we can easily implement the local › staging/sandbox › production workflow for codebase by git.
  7. there are many!

1st question how to set up multiple ssh keys in one m/c?

  1. goto $HOME and create .ssh directory with mkdir .ssh.
  2. cd to .ssh and create a new ssh-key with ssh-keygen -f ‘key-name’
  3. type in eval “$(ssh-agent)” && ssh-add ‘key-name’ to add new key-name to ssh-agent
  4. now go to your favourite repo and add the inside content of ‘’ (i.e. public ssh-key) as a new key.
  5. now you are allowed to do certain operation from your m/c to your repo.

We know the above process. what's new?

With the above process, we can create multiple ssh-keys for different repository a/c…

What is Docker?

Docker is a virtual linux based environment to help the developers giving a flexibility to use their project setup anywhere.It has two important component i. image, ii.container .

We can use docker hub ( to save(push ) or retrieve(pull) images and run it to create a container.Docker hub is the official docker image repo containing numerous images for a lot of different linux based configuration.Some of them are official and has reliable support.Remember one thing , your local environment where docker runs is host m/c and the docker running containers are virtual m/c.


go to

Our agenda here is to configure a single node cluster of Cassandra in a VPS/dedicated server

  1. Cassandra depends on Java, please install Java 7 or 8 or 9 before installing Cassandra.
  2. here is a link to install java on ubuntu 16.04
  3. go to to install Cassandra in your server.
  4. run command sudo /etc/init.d/cassandra start or sudo service cassandra start to run Cassandra. Now we have to do some tweaking to configure it in the server properly.Let's start :

Cassandra has it’s own configuration file as yaml. We can find it in /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml. …


Cassandra is a database technology to store complex and huge level of data as reliable data-source. It is created by Facebook, shared as an open-source project. Now it is driven by Apache. Datastax has full community and premium support for it.


  1. Cassandra is a no-sql schema free database.
  2. Cassandra has a fault-tolerant architecture with multiple nodes in a cluster so that it can be active 24*7.
  3. Cassandra is highly scalable, simple with ring based connected node.
  4. Cluster’s node same copies of data, Cassandra maintains duplication of data so that if a node is failed to server data, others…

What are docker, vagrant ?

Docker, vagrant are virtual environments in Linux to provide developers with a fluent configuration. They both works differently, approaches on the same problems. They support cross-platform like Linux, Mac, windows.

We, the IT guys need same environments in local, sandbox and production to get optimum results. These two tools help us to achieve that.

Docker vs Vagrant?

We will see some differences between some native and hybrid app development frameworks here.

  • Some hybrid frameworks are: phonegap,cordova,ionic,framework7,jquery-mobile etc.
  • Some native frameworks are: react native, native script etc.

Hybrid app development framework is a technology to create apps with HTML, CSS, JS for different platforms. It is like a native container outside your HTML code. It enables you to trigger, use some native features like mobile sensors,GPS, battery etc. You have a single codebase and it can be compiled in any platforms like android, ios, ubuntu, windows, OSX, blackberry etc. with their corresponding sdks. …


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